The world's 1000000000 people in the chat tool used by QQ


How to establish a chat with me? Timely exchange?

MSN chat? NO NO NO So bad

ICQ chat? NO NO NO So bad

Skype chat? NO NO NO So bad

These chat tools, unable to meet the printer Reset Service

E-mail exchanges? NO NO NO elderly walk slowly to death

Universal brotherhood integration, there is no good time chat tool language barriers, big inconvenience,

problem-solving, instant messaging, chat, communication, friends and the world can not communicate

The good news came, QQ International chat can be a good solution to the problem of communication between everyone

The QQ chat tool
You can send pictures
Can send software
Remote Assistance can
You can convert the language
Online Dating
.................... Many functions, you slowly try

Wow! Well, how to get it? How to use?

First, download the following address

Backup Download

Official website describes address


Installation is very simple, select your preferred language,

all the way to the next step to complete the
You do not understand install? Unless you are a computer idiot

Not QQ chat account and password? ? ?
QQ login window, click on Sign Up

Or open the following link address, register an account to use


Add my QQ number and talk to me

My QQ chat number 1915611409
My QQ chat number 1915611409


1.Download and install QQ chat tools you can find me in QQ soft ,my name: priterReset
Do you understand Register? Register an account login here to chat with me
Register here
Understand Register? Troublesome?
login by Account and password chat with me
Account: 203819938
Password: 123456www

2. Connect our service by Live Help ,Chat and wait for printer reset. We'll reset printer and let you know. After reset - You have to turn OFF the printer for 1 min, then turn ON. Thats all!

My QQ number: 1915611409
Add me to chat now



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