Adjustment Program Epson R350- Reset printer download

Adjustment Program Epson R350- Reset printer download
Download Reset R350- Adjustment Program

Adjustment Program Reset printer

program will reset internal counter of printer to ZERO
WINRAR uncompressed the attached resetter on your email
1. Run the AdjProg.exe file.
2. Click Accept.
3. Select Particular Adjustment Mode.
4. Select Waste Ink Pad Counter from the Maintenance Section.
5. Click Initialization.
6. Turn Off the computer. Then Turn On.
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Against monopoly, support environmental protection, support printer for continuous ink system

The printer why to reschedule?
The printer is a memory quanta memory don’t understand?
At various manufacturers with monopolizes technology, in various printing equipment installed on the counter, such as time counter, Fault counters, printing counter, consumables counter…… Once the machine to counter the set value, usually will refuse to work, At the same time performance for the lights flashing, hint, hint specific code unknown error, communication mistakes, waste ink full, and the dealer contact…… Now if you don’t have a corresponding reset software, the equipment will be as scrap, Or find service providers, will advise what change the mainboard, Changing ink mat; For this; Change that… The con trick you money. So printer reset be want to use the software will plan full counter reset.

Adjustment Program Epson R350- Reset printer download
Epson R350- The printer cleared prompt: “Service Request: Parts of the printer is nearing the end of its life
Epson R350- The printer’s ink pads are at the end of their service life please contact
Epson R350- Reset prompted communication error error code:2000010
Epson R350- prompted: Green and red alternating flashing Need to reset it
Epson R350- Reset prompted: To 2100012C Commication error
R350- Printer strike
R350- The printer stops
R350- A communication error
R350- Use Graphic repair manual
Adjustment Program Epson R350- Reset printer download