Easy Printer Manage


The Samsung Easy Printer Manager is an essential application for any serious business operation. Its simple user interface integrates all your print management into one easy-to-use system. From simple tasks like checking for device information to more tedious jobs like re-ordering and setting up scanning and faxing infrastructure, the Easy Printer Manager is ready to simplify your business's printing fleet. New additional features like the Application Box, which stores the most popular actions for quick access, ensures that business users can get positive results in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Easy Printer Manage

Avoid Hassle With Detailed Information

Easy Printer Manager lets business users simplify their working day by minimising any potential hassle that might surround their print operation. Its straightforward user interface displays all the vital printer details, such as its model name and IP address, and even toner levels and paper status updates. All of this information is easily accessible via intuitive controls, meaning users are able to monitor their print fleet's performance more closely than ever

Fax And Scan Easily On Your Own PC

The Samsung Easy Printer Manager lets business users bring the functionality of fax and scanning devices to their PC, giving more choice when it comes to how documents are saved, sent and filed. Whether it is a fax to PC operation, scan to fax command or just individual scanner settings, the Easy Printer Manager simplifies the whole process. Its range of options include everything from automatic pop-up alerts for incoming faxes to bespoke scanning profiles, making working life easier.
Samsung easy printer manager

Enhance Productivity With One-Click Access To Applications

The Samsung Application Box is extremely effective at streamlining your business workflow. It groups together the most useful and convenient applications, ensuring that they remain accessible with just one click. This cuts down on any time spent navigating to find relevant applications, increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The valuable performance offered by the Application Box is a great asset to a business's IT infrastructure.

Easy Printer Manager

Provides a single access point for printer management, and boosts efficiency by combining settings configuration, scanning, faxing and more.




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ML-2160_V1.01.01.05U (ML2165, ML2168)
ML-2160_V1.01.01.11 U
ML-2160_V1.01.01.11 NU
ML-2164_V1.01.01.09 NU
ML-2164_V1.01.01.12 NU
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.06 U
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.06 NU
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.10 U
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.10 NU
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.13 U
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.13 NU
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.14 U
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.14 NU
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.15 U
ML-2165W_V3.00.01.15 NU
ML-2950_V3.00.01.09 U (ML-2950D, ML-2950ND)
ML-2950_V3.00.01.09 NU
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.10 U (SCX-3405)
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.10 NU
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.11 U
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.11 NU
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.12 U
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.12 NU
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.18 U
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.18 NU
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.19 U
SCX-3400_V3.00.01.19 NU
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.10 U (SCX-3400F)
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.10 NU
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.12 U
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.12 NU
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.18 U
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.18 NU
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.17 U
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.17 NU
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.19 U
SCX-3405F_V3.00.01.19 NU

SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.10 NU
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.13 U
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.13 NU
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.17 U
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.17 NU
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.18 U
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.18 NU
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.19 U
SCX-3405W_V3.00.01.19 NU
SCX-3405FW_V3.00.01.10 U
SCX-3405FW_V3.00.01.13 NU
SCX-3405FW_V3.00.01.17 U
SCX-3405FW_V3.00.01.17 NU
SCX-3405FW_V3.00.01.18 U
SCX-3405FW_V3.00.01.18 NU
SCX-4650N_V3.00.01.07 U
SCX-4650N_V3.00.01.07 NU
SCX-4650N_V3.00.01.12 U
SCX-4650N_V3.00.01.12 NU
SCX-4655F_V3.00.01.12 U
SCX-4655F_V3.00.01.12 NU
SCX-4655FN_V3.00.01.07 U
SCX-4655FN_V3.00.01.07 NU
SCX-472x_V3.00.01.13 U (SCX-4727FD SCX-4728FD SCX-4729FW SCX-4729FD)
SCX-472x_V3.00.01.14 U
SCX-472x_V3.00.01.14 NU
SCX-472x_V3.00.01.18 U
SCX-472x_V3.00.01.18 NU
CLP-360_V3.00.01.14 U (CLP-365)
CLP-360_V3.00.01.14 NU
CLP-365W_V3.00.01.14 U
CLP-365W_V3.00.01.14 NU
SCX-4705_V3.00.01.18 U
SCX-4705_V3.00.01.18 NU

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